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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Product Overview
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Importance of Sales Force Management (SFM) Software to your Business
Sales Force Managements (SFM) software combines all the benefits Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) into one software tool that everyone in your organization can easily use! Giving your sales reps more time to do what they do best, SELL!  It also gives your sales managers a holistic view into each account and sales rep.  Sales managers become much more proactive instead of reactive to sales reps, they spend more time coaching their sales reps rather than constantly wondering what is going on, have they pitched this promo or product to this account?  They can easily see which promo or product accounts are being pitched at any time!

How we help you improve your productivity

  • Manage all your accounts, leads, contacts and activities in one application.  Keeping account, order history is expected by today's customers when they call to place an order, call with issues or want to talk with someone about a new promo or product.
  • Rather than writing sales reports, activity reports and call sheets, sales reps complete all activities online or via their mobile device, saving hours of manually keeping, retrieving, and analyzing sales and activities.
  • Sales managers can view or print up to date reports any time, anywhere!
  • Activity management improves your sales reps preparedness, organization, time management skills, and helps plan your day, week, month or year!
  • Provide the sales reps with the information they need when they need it!
  • You can make your new sales reps more effictive and profitable quickly!  They can easily review sales, documents, activities for each of their new accounts giving them a detailed view of that account.
  • All of these contribute to an increase in your sales reps closing ratios, and increase the amount of time your sales reps are doing what they do best, SELL!
   Why Choose Media SFM?
  • Media SFM provides an integrated business application so your employees spend less time inputting data, and spend more time generating revenue!
  • You spend time managing your Business, while we manage your software!
  • Access Media SFM through an internet connection and a browser, you and your employees can manage your business virtually anywhere!
  • Since Media SFM is specifically designed for small and medium sized companies that want to increase their revenue, we offer affordable pricing and fast implementation.
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